Thursday, February 23, 2012

let's get organized

okay these random perusings about the first few weeks of pregnancy may get out of control. i'm going to try to follow the format that my favorite preggo blogs, little baby garvin

How far along? 7 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: -4lbs thanks to a crazy sparse diet of 97% carbs

 Maternity clothes? nopers
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: waking up around 3am to pee desperately
Best moment this week: not having morning (in my case afternoon and evening) sickness 2 days in a row!

 Have you told family and friends: my mom and dad, and our close roswell friends because i could only avoid booze around them for so many weeks without an explanation!
Miss Anything? ALCOHOL! and having a normal appetite

 Movement: nope
 Food cravings: they come and go within minutes.  some include; an embarrassing amount of pistachios, sweet potato chips, chik-fil-a (A LOT!)   all of those i immediately regret afterwards and feel so sick.
 Anything making you queasy or sick: everything but carbs. right now things that disgust me include; avocado, chipotle,  roasted chicken, and anything with a very strong smell.
Have you started to show yet: no, but my usually pretty flat abs have a little pooch next to my belly button :( doesn't look so good in tight shirts and dresses already.
Gender prediction: don't have a hunch yet.  i teach little kids so i see the pros and cons to having both.  i think our baby girl name is perfect already and they are so fun to dress up.  however, little boys always wind up being my favorite students every year.  also, like a typical guy, jay really really really wants a boy.  he also wants a boy so he can have a "first" in his family (we were already 2nd to get married and 3rd to have a baby.) seeing his face light up talking about having a baby boy to play with is worth it having a boy.
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: moody.  sorry everyone, especially most of you who don't know yet! my moods are out of control right now.
Looking forward to:hearing the heartbeat in 5 days and actually seeing something in the ultrasound. i'm hoping it will make it feel more real to me.