Sunday, February 5, 2012

on a whim

all i kept thinking last sunday was "why am i suddenly craving a burger and cheese fries like my life depends on it" and "how come i can smell like a blood hound?"  these few odd circumstances led me take the infamous test on a whim.  no way it could be positive, right?  might as well calm my nerves so i could stop doing the thing every girl does every month, freaking out that they are preggo.  

you don't want to mess around with the + and - test.  once some lines show up you freak out "omg what does 2 lines and a vertical pink line mean?!"  i got the clear, no BS ones.  so when it flashed back at me and said "pregnant," it was a crystal clear realization.  my face got hot, i was shaking and sweating, and literally said "" to my collection of necklaces in the bathroom.

i knew this wasn't something i could hold from jay and think of a creative way to tell him in a few days.  i tell him everything, and i wanted him in on the news asap.  jay was "sharking" our floors downstairs, i sneakily wrapped the tests and approached him downstairs.  he was mad i was all over the wet floors but i unplugged the shark after some protesting and forced him to sit down.  he said "i'm sharking the floors, what could possibly be more important than finishing that right now?"  i tried not to burst out laughing and just said calmly said "i guarantee this is more important."  as he opened it, i have never seen a human being's eyes bug out more in my life.  it was just about the goofiest expression i've seen on his face, bugged out eyes and a smile that could have wrapped around his head.  a lot of hugging and "oh my gods" happened in the few minutes after.

i hope this blog of our experience helps me to capture moments like these, in such detail so that i won't let this amazing journey pass without documenting it.  there have already been so many thoughts racing through my brain and researching done this week that i need to post one at a time!