Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a very different birthday

today i turned 27, did baby not know this?  luckily i was only a little nauseous all day but mostly i was unbelievably tired at the end of school.  i don't think baby could handle all the excitement of my birthday and a valentine's day party with kindergarteners and parents at school. i was on my feet way too long moving constantly and i'm paying for it now, dearly.  it is getting so hard at school to hide my waves of nausea and tiredness!

 i've spent my last few birthdays out to dinner, drunkenly pretending to swim on the floor, visiting world of coca cola, eating all the soft cheeses i want, taking lots of birthday cake shots, etc.  today i had very little bland food and i'm curled up in bed with a heat pack for my back and in my pajamas... at 5:45pm.  thank goodness i have an incredibly understanding husband who is compromising his valentine's day as well to let me rest as long as i need.  

i had a great birthday conversation with my mom, she said my 27th birthday is hitting her a lot harder than previous years.  she said mostly because she was 27 when she had me and it's hard to think of her baby at the same age she had me!  i cannot wait to share the news with her and my dad this weekend.  jay and i are going to vegas this weekend for my birthday with my parents (the men had business there.)  las vegas for the first time, with my parents, and knocked up ;)  not how i pictured my first time there, but i hope to make up for it in a few more years. 

 i think this birthday put things in a good perspective for me, it isn't about me anymore! :)