Tuesday, March 13, 2012

telling the in-laws

we were so fortunate with timing to be able to tell jay's family the big news while we were up visiting for our niece's 1st birthday.  due to the fact that jay is so excited, our plans to wait til sunday didn't work out entirely.  we wanted to make sure our niece had 100% full attention on her for her birthday, so jay chose to tell just his parents and brother the morning of the party.  over breakfast he told them that we'd be needing help at my sister's wedding... with their 3rd grandchild.  his brother and dad said "delta?" but his mom knew better and said "oh my god, are you pregnant?" and looked at me.  we had to rush to finish errands shortly after, but wow was it helpful having them know. usually i'd help for lahara family parties by moving furniture, preparing italian meat dishes, and lifting heavy items to clean up.  they quietly and subtly in front of the guests forced me not to do anything.  

we were able to tell jay's sister and brother-in-law the next morning, we asked them out to breakfast as the whole big family.  We had our 4 year old niece whisper into nina's ear that she was getting a new cousin.  That was a lot of pressure on a 4 year old so what came out the first three times was something along the lines of "allyson... my new cousin... my baby." :)  i finally had to re-whisper it in her ear and then everyone heard.  it is so nice i can finally talk to nina about this, i was feeling frustrated that i am once again the first of my immediate family and best friends to get married and now having a baby.  but then i remembered that now i have an "older sister" to rely on!  i left new jersey with 6 of nina's baby books...

and a horrible stomach bug.  words can't describe how much worse a stomach sickness is when you're pregnant.  i have a stomach of steel and haven't even thrown up with morning sickness yet.  preggo + stomach bug = a night of getting sick that rivaled my 21st birthday.  i was horribly sick yesterday and found out that it is actually harder to be seen and treated if you are sick and pregnant.  no one would take me because i was too much of a liability if i had fetal dehydration.  the ob said if my fever got to 101* then to go to the hospital because it was dangerous for the baby. gosh darn it if my fever hovered at 100.7* all day.  so i was left with no treatment or medicine, just to tough it out. yikes.  i hope you're doing okay, peanut!