Monday, March 5, 2012

telling the sissyfaces

i was so nervous to tell my two sisters about peanut! 

starting with kelsey, i got to tell her first.  there is almost a 7 year gap between my "goober" and i.  we are constantly in different places in our lives but i'm so happy amy's wedding as co-MOHs and now this experience will bring us closer this year. kelsey actually predicted this baby would happen!  we skyped in beginning of january and she told me how amazing it would be if i would just have a little "nugget" now so it would be here in time for the wedding.  i literally told her "omg can you imagine? worst timing ever!" she's been wanting jay and i to have a "little nugget" ever since we got married.  i unfortunately had to tell her the news on skype. i was so blown away by her immediate tears and shouts of congratulations.  kelsey definitely wins for best reaction so far (btw, if anyone ever tells you that they are pregnant, please don't open your mouth agape and say nothing. it freaks the pregnant lady out!)  kelsey shot off pretend confetti on skype visual effects and i got to show the picture of peanut to aunt kelsey.

then there was telling amy. i really really wanted amy to have her year as a bride and i was so upset that i'll be taking some of the attention away from her. however, i'm now so excited that he or she will be able to come to amy's wedding a few weeks later.  telling amy and matt was causing me a lot of anxiety. i don't know why i thought they'd be upset, i guess i had 4 weeks to think about it and built it up in my head.  we told them through skype as well, i asked the two of them if i could invite one more person to their wedding.  as responsible bride and grooms they said "NOOOOO we have no more room!"  i told them this guest wouldn't need to eat or need a chair.  amy thought for a moment and then guessed if i was pregnant.  when i said yes, matt yelled "i called it!"  i guess sitting them both down to skype does give off a suspicious vibe :)  i apologized so many times for the bad timing and they seemed completely unphased by it and said "are you kidding? we don't care!"  this is why i love my sister and future brother in law so much.

this has been fun having a secret just in my family all week even though i'm sure it's killing all of them to still hold it in for another month.  now i've been able to text my mom and sisters when i bought my first gap maternity skinny jeans this weekend and a text picture of a box of toaster strudels (my weirdest craving to date.)  i'm really enjoying this time where they only know.

this weekend we are traveling to new jersey for our niece's 1st birthday on jay's side of the family.  my sister-in-law is the most selfless person i've ever met, she is always putting other first.  so jay and i decided not tell his family til sunday when we leave to go back home, we want allyson to have a perfect birthday party focused all on her.  this will be my in-law's 3rd grandchild so although it won't be a new concept, i know they will be so excited for jay.  i'm leaving it up to him to figure out how to tell his family.  partly, i think he deserves to tell them the news more and also because it will prove to him that there's pressure in how to share the news and that it makes you nervous to actually tell them! i want him to see how it feels since i've been the one to tell everyone so far.

 *i am love with this card that kelsey made us.  inside it says "congrats on your little raspberry!"  all the websites tell you what size the baby is based on produce, this week the baby is the size of a raspberry!