Tuesday, March 20, 2012

week 12ish picture... and the curse has been lifted!

after gathering some cute ideas online to document the baby belly, i decided to do a comparison to produce (like bump.com does) with weekly sign idea.  i may be doing it every other week, or it may depend on how cool the fruit or veggie is that peanut is the size of at that time!  

also... the curse has been lifted. afternoon sickness has disappeared! i heard around week 12 your nausea and absolute exhaustion just goes away but i was skeptical.  knock on a 100 pieces of wood but i'm on day 2 of feeling back to my old self.  it even made me a less grumpy teacher today and i think it will overall make me happier.  now i'm a little freaked i have an appetite again.  i lost 9lbs in the first trimester so i didn't have to start worrying about the pounds creeping on.  now that i'm back to my old appetite plus a little more hungrier i'm having anxiety about accepting the new lbs.