Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ohhhhhh we're half-way there...

20 weeks!

jay thinks it's cheesy i keep singing "ohhhh we're half-way there, oh livin' on a prayer" because i'm so excited we're half-way through.  truthfully though, it made me a little scared as well.  things are going to start to pick up fast; baby showers, decorating the nursery, my lbs on the scale, and then baby!  our 20 week appointment with the amazing dr. hsaio last week for peanut was awesome.  they did an anatomy scan which meant he measured things like peanut's head, femur, elbows, etc.  it pretty much meant i got double the time to see him in 3D and 4D live ultrasound and we were happy about that.  jay wanted a triple confirmation that it was a boy again so i left with 8 ultrasound pictures... 3 of them being of his weenie :)  here are a few latest from baby lahara:

 i love this picture, he looks so cute all nestled in.

last time we did this shot he looked downright creepy alien-ish.  now he's got eyelids, nose, and lips.  jay and i think he's giving us the "what up" hand gesture.
if you've never seen a gender scan like me, this is what a little weenie shows up as.  they do a view of him from the tush up (his thighs are on either side)  yep, he's all boy :)