Thursday, June 28, 2012

grouchy baby mama

i'm well aware that i'm only 6 months pregnant and beginning my 3rd trimester but i am declaring right now that i'm OVER it. pregnancy has taken an annoying and uncomfortable turn in just this past week. 

i've keep saying "doing great!" when people ask, but now it's getting harder to fake.  how is feeling enormous, short of breath, getting tons more varicose veins, dealing with atlanta summer heat, traveling every weekend, having hubby gone during the week on business, and working an outdoor summer camp full time? it's overwhelming and uncomfortable, thanks.  it's just not fun anymore.  

this is unfortunate turn of opinion since my atlanta baby shower was last weekend and new jersey shower this upcoming weekend. luckily the atlanta shower this past weekend was adorable and low-key which was perfect for me.  i'm really uncomfortable having all attention on me so we distracted the guests by decorating onesies, writing messages on diapers, creating a page in his ABC book, and filling out the guest book questions all while i opened up presents.  this also worked out for the guests who were mostly friends and not the mommy crowd.  

 my lovely mama and sisters

 i'm so lucky to have amazing in-laws and a great sister-in-law who just had a baby last year who are hosting my shower this weekend. i need to snap out of the pregnant grouchies asap and appreciate all of the love for peanut and our little family about to come our way again this weekend.