Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my love affair with atlanta hartsfield-jackson airport

although i do love the atlanta airport (a huge, extremely efficient well-run machine in my opinion) i think i need a break from it.  i have two weekends home this entire summer, last weekend i fully enjoyed my only relaxing summer weekend at the pool with neighbors and had a cookout at our house.  this upcoming weekend is my atlanta baby shower, my mom, sisters, aunt, and high school friends are coming!

a look back on some travels though, while waiting for some professional quality photos from my philly trip (ahem, rach!) to see high school friends, i neglected to acknowledge the great weekend and cute gifts that happened that weekend.  pics from my droid will have to suffice for now :)

i'm so happy that i have some of the great classics to start peanut's book collection.  what was even sweeter was that my wonderful friends chose their personal favorites when they were little.  we had so much fun just talking and catching up, pedicures and touring rachel's historic town made it even more enjoyable.  
 it's so nice that after 8 years from graduating high school and going our separate ways that we can all reconnect!  we may not be the best at calling or updating each other, but what's important is that amazing "at ease" feeling we all still immediately feel when we finally get to hang out.