Wednesday, August 15, 2012

gettin' big here folks

things are getting big here folks.  i really really want to stop taking the belly pictures, i feel like from pic 28wks to 32wks my baby belly hasn't grown but i have!  it was 91* today, it's not a coincidence that i'm all covered up.  my belly definitely got a big higher since he's gotten to be so big.  at a whopping 4lbs and 15 inches long, peanut's head is down, his tushie is next to my belly button and his feet keep kicking awkwardly out right underneath my bra.  i'm totally blown away how hard babies can roll and push (we are way past kicking now, he has no room!)

 How far along? 32 weeks
Baby is the size of: a pineapple (bottom to top leaf!)
Total weight gain/loss: up to a point i don't want to share! and please don't ask a pregnant woman how much weight she's gained, never a good idea.

 Maternity clothes? yep, i've even grown out of the cute 1st and 2nd trimester low waisted pants :(
 Stretch marks? nope, thank goodness. lots of new spider veins though
Sleep:  finally feeling this side effect. little guy hates when i lay on my side and kicks like crazy which is my only sleep option now. i also now wake up several times a night with horrible charley horse cramps which are unfortunately very common.  i'm up to 3 fans blowing on me at night now.
 Best moment this week: cute baby feet kicking and when he gets the hiccups! also, having the nursery painted and furniture delivered finally.
 Miss anything? not waddling around and having a waist
 Movement: no more random kicks, little guy ran out of room.  now i constantly feel him pressing up against me (booty bouncing my belly button, hiccups down below, and feet under my bra.)
 Food cravings: frosted mini wheats
Ouch of the week: the searing pain of charlie horse cramps and the pressure of having swollen ankles and toes
 Anything making you queasy or sick : seafood smell
 Have you started to show yet: now they just ask when he is due!
Embarrassing cry of the week: when we tried the 3 paint shades of gray for the nursery wall it looked too blue
 Wedding rings on or off? on... but barely
Happy or Moody most of the time: super grouchy. i'm just so uncomfortable now!

 Looking forward to: getting this kid outta me!
jay and his dad painting the nursery!