Monday, August 6, 2012

time to catch up!

hello baby blog.  i've been avoiding you.

yep, it's true.  not that the other stages of being preggo have been much easier, but i've been avoiding writing because 3rd trimester is tough. i don't want to let this blog become a huge pregnant woman rant session.  luckily just looking for pictures to catch up with gave me initiative.

also, looking at this helps.


that's my baby boy and he finally really looks like an adorable baby with features and not a freaky little alien i have to pretend i think is cute in front of the nurses. i am in love with his perfect little nose that looks just like jay already and those cheeks i want to just kiss! 

 i spent some time comparing mine and jay's baby pictures to see who he looks like already.  i think he already looks like a mini-jay and i love it. if he has dark hair and light eyes like daddy, i'll be over the moon.

yep, definitely doesn't resemble mommy yet.

i got these amazing pictures from an unfortunate incident, i was in a car accident about 3 weeks ago.  someone rear-ended me during some bad atlanta traffic on the highway.  i wound up okay, but when i got hit the first part of me that impacted was my belly against the steering wheel.  after some pain in and under my ribs i had to see the baby doc asap.  my doctor is awesome, he knew that after such a scary incident that seeing baby boy in 3D would cheer me right up.  this was also the week after i thought i was going into pre-term labor.

then, a few days after the car accident my sister kelsey and i hosted 19 girls in a beach house for amy's bachelorette party in hilton head.  along with kelsey's 21st birthday the weekend before, these were the two hardest occasions not to drink and celebrate.  all the hard work put into the bach party was worth it to see how happy and relaxed amy was!

the only boy allowed at the bachelorette party

seriously, how gorgeous are my sisters?!

 all this catching up is making me tiiiiiired.  more summer reflecting soon....zzzzz