Sunday, April 29, 2012

visiting aunt shoop troop

last weekend i got to visit with my best friends in the good 'ol state of ohio.  it was freezing and rainy, but i always have such a strong love for ohio because it's where i met the university of dayton, my future husband, and my lifelong friends.  

my old college roommates (the shoop troop) have this wonderful tradition of turning every major life event for one of us into a creative and special presentation.  having the first baby out of the four of us was no different.  they got me an adorable maternity dress and made me a book of "ghetto rhymes."  (the ghetto was the student neighborhood at udayton so please don't think they made me a book of raps!)  

the book mimicked traditional nursery rhymes with substitutions of dayton, myself, and jay.  it was such an amazing gift and i can't wait to read the traditional versus to peanut while secretly knowing the racy version is on the other page.

 i'm so thankful my roomies helped me pick out a new wardrobe last weekend, we discovered that you could still shop at regular stores, just a few sizes up and more flowy items.  i forgot how much fun it is to get ready to go out at night with girls, they wanted to dress me and get in on my produce by week comparison pictures i've been taking.  

 here it is... week 17! baby is the size of an onion :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

15 weeks

baby lahara is now the size of an orange!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

peanut at 12 weeks

bad mommy! how could i forget to put the picture of peanut at 12 weeks?  he or she was WAVING to us!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

telling my little people

okay, how funny is this cartoon?!  reminds me of a drawing one of my kindergarteners would do.  yep, i told my students this week.  they are officially the last to know because thank god they are not on facebook.

 i prefaced telling the kids with a memo home to their parents the night before, sharing my good news and how their inquisitive darlings may have some questions and how it would be better if they answered them asap.  the very next day, literally as i'm walking out the door for my lunch break, one of the says "mrs. lahara, my mommy said you have a baby in your belly, is that true?"  i pulled a "we'll talk about it when i get back" so i could eat lunch and prepare myself to tell them and field an array of questions. 

luckily i saved the lemon i used for my 14 week belly picture, and so i used that as my talking point.  i explained i had a tiny baby growing inside my baby the size of a lemon that was coming in september.  i held my breath expecting the worst, but was surprised by the sweet and intelligent questions and concerns from my class.  

the best include...
"is the baby peeing in your belly?"
"you need to eat healthy, whatever you eat, the baby eats through a rope"
"your baby belly looks bigger today, maybe it's an orange?"
"if you're a mommy now, does that mean you are an old lady?"
"can you name your baby krystal or jewel please?"
"don't worry, us boys will protect your belly from hitting and kicking this summer"
"can i still give you a hug every day, and then give the baby belly a nice pat?"
"my daddy says it will hurt you a lot to have a baby"
"how many years will you have to live at the hospital to have it?"

they are so smart and amazing, i have the best job ever. i can't wait til peanut is kindergarten age, i'll want to write down every funny thing he/she says.  

what i didn't expect was some of the dads' reactions to my news (my private school has the parents drop the kids off every day into their classroom.)  i had 2 dads (who came in separately) that said "congratulations. it's the best thing. EVER." to hear how much these dads love their little girls and not joke around with a "your life is over" was so touching.  

i'm sure i'll have many more funny baby belly updates from my class even though we're winding down to the last month of school!