Thursday, June 28, 2012

grouchy baby mama

i'm well aware that i'm only 6 months pregnant and beginning my 3rd trimester but i am declaring right now that i'm OVER it. pregnancy has taken an annoying and uncomfortable turn in just this past week. 

i've keep saying "doing great!" when people ask, but now it's getting harder to fake.  how is feeling enormous, short of breath, getting tons more varicose veins, dealing with atlanta summer heat, traveling every weekend, having hubby gone during the week on business, and working an outdoor summer camp full time? it's overwhelming and uncomfortable, thanks.  it's just not fun anymore.  

this is unfortunate turn of opinion since my atlanta baby shower was last weekend and new jersey shower this upcoming weekend. luckily the atlanta shower this past weekend was adorable and low-key which was perfect for me.  i'm really uncomfortable having all attention on me so we distracted the guests by decorating onesies, writing messages on diapers, creating a page in his ABC book, and filling out the guest book questions all while i opened up presents.  this also worked out for the guests who were mostly friends and not the mommy crowd.  

 my lovely mama and sisters

 i'm so lucky to have amazing in-laws and a great sister-in-law who just had a baby last year who are hosting my shower this weekend. i need to snap out of the pregnant grouchies asap and appreciate all of the love for peanut and our little family about to come our way again this weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my love affair with atlanta hartsfield-jackson airport

although i do love the atlanta airport (a huge, extremely efficient well-run machine in my opinion) i think i need a break from it.  i have two weekends home this entire summer, last weekend i fully enjoyed my only relaxing summer weekend at the pool with neighbors and had a cookout at our house.  this upcoming weekend is my atlanta baby shower, my mom, sisters, aunt, and high school friends are coming!

a look back on some travels though, while waiting for some professional quality photos from my philly trip (ahem, rach!) to see high school friends, i neglected to acknowledge the great weekend and cute gifts that happened that weekend.  pics from my droid will have to suffice for now :)

i'm so happy that i have some of the great classics to start peanut's book collection.  what was even sweeter was that my wonderful friends chose their personal favorites when they were little.  we had so much fun just talking and catching up, pedicures and touring rachel's historic town made it even more enjoyable.  
 it's so nice that after 8 years from graduating high school and going our separate ways that we can all reconnect!  we may not be the best at calling or updating each other, but what's important is that amazing "at ease" feeling we all still immediately feel when we finally get to hang out.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

playing college... while pregnant

i knew that if i didn't go to my 5 year college reunion at dayton that i would regret not going versus just sucking it up being pregnant.  when i booked my flight this past winter  i tried to envision myself being 6 months pregnant being back to the place that did some serious damage on my liver.  i told myself it would be fine and all the other dayton ladies who were pregnant i had seen on facebook would be there and we could commiserate together.

except they didn't come.   i was the only pregnant woman at the class of 2007 party.  this caused a lot of attention i didn't anticipate, mostly people were so excited for jay and i.  that's the beauty of being back at the place where we started our relationship, everyone knew us as being together in college.  however, there were some real zingers i wasn't prepared for.  it doesn't matter if you don't know anyone close and personal who is pregnant, the following is NOT okay to say/ask:

1. "do you feel huge?"
(well, i thought i was looking okay in my one-size-up regular dress i'm trying to squeeze into one last time but thanks for making me feel weird now.)

2. "wow, this must be really hard for you not to drink around all these people at dayton"
(yes, yes it is thank you for that reminder.)

3.   rubbing my belly without asking
i hate it, i'm sorry.  i'm one of those preggo ladies that hates it that people think it's okay to rub my belly without asking.  would you like me to rub your belly back?  it is still my skin and it feels equally uncomfortable for me as it would for you if i did it back right now.  as my friend catie says, "if you didn't make it, don't touch it."  

i have to say that this did not happen at all with my best friends/roomies that weekend.  they were kind, supportive, and very accommodating without making me feel left out.  they even threw jay and i a surprise baby shower in our old dorm room and cleared out my pinterest/etsy account of all cute baby things.
i wound up leaving dayton exhausted, with very swollen feet, and a 9 hour drive home but it was SO worth it.  we played college with our best friends and peanut now has plenty of gear from mommy and daddy's alma mater!

 baby's first visit to our favorite college bar, tim's.  he was kicking like crazy at all the journey and whitney houston music.