Saturday, September 8, 2012

the nursery

now that the nursery is completed i would like to thank the great people at, pinterest, and my good friend and fellow pregger, catie, for all their help!  i've seriously been working on planning and executing this nursery for over 6 months now.  it's one of the only fun things to do while being pregnant.  luckily jay understands my obsession with the color and my sheer hate for baby boy blue.  we zeroed in on doing the nursery in light gray and grass green very early on.

 custom bedding from rockytopdesign on etsy. it took a loooong time for it to come, but totally worth it.

 furniture and glider from buybuybaby
amazing chevron animal prints(gift from the "dayton aunts") from zeppiprints on etsy

 because the room is so small and we have the bright green and lots of pattern going on already, we chose to just do matching white wooden southern blinds like we have in the rest of the house.  because there are no blinds, it's really hard to snap a good shot of that area of the nursery!