Monday, May 14, 2012

19 weeks

How far along? 19 weeks
Baby is the size of: a mango
Total weight gain/loss: up 6lbs...ughhh. i knew this day would happen when i'd start to see the numbers move but it doesn't make it any easier!

 Maternity clothes? 80% maternity clothes. if i could get an i <3 gap maternity tattoo i would.
 Stretch marks? nope, hoping my mustella cream works since i rub it on the belly every night!
Sleep:  still sleeping well

 Best moment this week: feeling him kick! and seeing jay's reaction when he finally felt him kick.
 Have you told family and friends: yes, my little belly now makes it too hard to hide anyways
 Miss anything? sweet tea vodka and jimmy john's cold sandwiches
 Movement: yes!!!! i started feeling him kick around 16 weeks. 
 Food cravings: those obscenely orange toastee peanut butter crackers, tortilla chips and frozen yogurt
Ouch of the week: owwwww my tailbone! it feels like i'm sitting on a sharp rock every time i go to sit down. i hate that there is literally no medicine, adjustment, relief, etc for this!  i'm also super dizzy and clumsy this week.
 Anything making you queasy or sick : opening a leftovers container
 Have you started to show yet: oh yea
Embarrassing cry of the week: johnson & johnson baby commercial and jay's card to me from the baby for mother's day
 Gender prediction: it's a boy! i will feel better seeing "the weenie" at next week's appointment though to make sure all this boy stuff i'm registering for is the real deal.
 Wedding rings on or off? on but feeling tighter
Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy

 Looking forward to: seeing him again next week at our 20 week ultrasound

i wish i would have known that people celebrate you on mother's day when you're expecting your first little one!  i was blown away by all the texts, voicemails, and cards i received on sunday for this day i didn't think i'd be a part of until next may.  it was really weird, in some ways i don't think i deserve it yet since he isn't here yet, but on the other hand with all the yucky things i've been through during pregnancy it felt kinda nice.

i'm officially at the stage where i'm crying over things i wouldn't normally. i'm embarrassed and trying to fight it but know a preggo power stronger than me won't let me.  case-in-point on sunday while making jay breakfast, he hands me a mother's day card from the baby.  peanut "wrote:" 

"mommy, now that i have ears that work i can hear you yelling at your closet a lot.  daddy says to use this gift card to gap maternity to stop this.  i can't wait to see you look at me soon, mommy."

aaaaaand i totally lost it.  major points to hubby for doing this though.  we spent the rest of the day taking another crack at our baby registry at buybuybaby.  lucky for us since it was mother's day and it was empty so we registered for a lot and tackled some the harder items we were avoiding.  

later on the night jay re-dedicated himself to putting his hand on my belly to feel the kicks that i had been "feeling."  yes, it was getting to the point where the "alleged kicks" had him thinking i was crazy because peanut literally stopped kicking when jay would come to see or feel.  while wishing his mom a happy mother's day on the phone he felt a swift kick from our little mango and his eyes got sooo big and mouthed "i felt it!" what a hallmark moment haha.


Sara said...

Holy thoughfulness, Batman! The Mother's Day message from Jay/baby had ME tear up. So sweet.

So excited for you!

Kendall said...

That is SO sweet....I am tearing up after reading your "hallmark moment". You have so much to look forward to!!