Monday, March 26, 2012

crazy amounts of energy

now that "the curse" has been lifted i am finding myself with a crazy amount of energy and positivity!  thank goodness for this fabulous turn of events in the 2nd trimester, i was starting to feel so sad that i was in a funk for 2 months.  i am started to really struggle with clothes though. i love that jay has always been so into my curves and encouraged tighter clothes to show them off but now i am stuck with about 3 options of looser clothing i own.  this is going to be tough for work summer clothes, otherwise i'd just live in sun dresses through september!  thanks to some good friends and their suggestion, i'm now unbuttoning my jeans and looping a hair tie through the hole and button. fabulous solution!

i am so so excited this week i got "the belly book" in the mail today.  it is just as i had hoped, a totally adorable way to document the ultrasounds, belly, cravings, thoughts, and humor of this process.

this friday will start spring break for this teacher and it will also be the day we get to tell our extended family.  i think i created a cute way to tell them through email, i'll post later.

oh and tomorrow is our 12 week appointment ........ eek!