Monday, February 20, 2012

in vegas... knocked up...and with my parents

pre-baby news, jay and i had booked a trip to las vegas for my birthday.  we were also going to meet my parents there since the men had a business trip there.  it was hard not getting scared to take my first trip since finding out i'm preggo.  i was so tired just after a day at work and being able to rest at home, i was worried about my energy, food restrictions, and aversions to many foods. 

the good news was that we finally got to tell some family about the baby!  since the ultrasound from week 5 didn't show much, we picked out a onesie that said "i'll be here soon with hugs and kisses" and put a paper over it so it said "i'll be here in october with hugs and kisses."  since the due date is october 7th and so close to my dad's birthday i also made a card that said "grandpa, can i share your birthday?"

we gave them the gift immediately upon meeting them in vegas,  we said we wanted to give them a thank you present for the trip.  eyes bugging out and mouth dropping seems to be the common reaction now for everyone so far!  although, my dad was sitting on the hotel bed and literally fell down.  my mom cried and there were hugs, but there was also just a lot of processes quiet time.  this happened when we told our closest atlanta friends too and it's freaking me out.  i get that it's shocking news, but we're 27 and married, so i have been expecting more... screeching and not so much silence?  it's making me feel very insecure with a situation we didn't even decide on ourselves!

i bet that my first time in vegas (while pregnant) is waaaaay different than if i was there with girl friends at a bachelorette party.  however, it was still really fun!   the food was fabulous, the shows were so great, and walking the hotels was so fun.  the difficult parts were walking all day and night with already low energy, watching all the people drinking when i couldn't, and my crazy mood swings!  i felt so bad for my parents and jay, my moods were out of control.  i felt very bratty and upset i couldn't control it, i bet i came off looking ungrateful for the trip and it makes me embarrassed i did that.

vegas, i liked you a lot.  let's hang out again when i can do it up right.