Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i can see you!

today we finally got to see... something!  at the first doctor appointment (5 weeks) we couldn't see anything, but were encouraged that everything looked all set up for baby. this didn't help the fact that i really haven't been able to convince myself that this is real yet.  

now at 8.5 weeks, i was stoked for today. aaaaaand we saw little peanut! that's exactly what he or she looks like now and i really like that as a nickname for now instead of saying "it."  i was sad i couldn't see jay's face from where i was but when we both heard peanut's heartbeat i know we both freaked out.  now it's real.  the heart rate was at a crazy 171 bpm so i know it wasn't mine!  

here is peanut's first debut! (the head is on the bottom)

 wanted to leave with my favorite pregnancy clip from HIMYM this season :)
 HIMYM pregnancy clips